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Build Profitable Websites

Learn to make passive income from creating websites. There are many disciplines and techniques to learn for website development; we just simplify the process for you.

Course Outline

1.Fundamental ingredient for website development

The fundamental ingredient for the website development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We build an FAQ drop down example to explain the key ingredients for website development.

2.Pseudo Selector in CSS

Pseudo-class is used to define a special state of an element like mouse hover, get focus, etc.

3.Responsive text and image

Content on the website consists of images and text. We will work on example to make images and text responsive, and how to load pages faster.

4.CSS Animation

Using CSS, we can animate CSS properties. We will work on an image gallery and loader example to learn more about CSS animations.

5.Reveal Content on page scroll

Using CSS, we can animate CSS properties. We will work on an image gallery and loader example to learn more about CSS animations.

6.Version Contron Git and GitHub

Version Contron Git and GitHub.

7.HTML form in a structured way

We will learn to build semantic HTML form, understanding best practice, and collecting input data via Netlify form.

8.Designing and Building Responsive Website

We will build website from scratch to finish; responsive on different screen sizes.

9.Layout your content in rows and column

Make website layout to sit content in rows and column. We will discuss the common technique in CSS e.g. Float, Grid and FlexBox

10.Host your Static files up on the Web

We guide you hosting your websites live on server with best practices and options. We will build and deploy project up on the web via GitHub to Netlify.

11.Fetching the data from public API

We will work on an example to load the data from public APIs onto our website page using Javascript.

12.Find Resources for your Content

You need to use the right tool for your business to save time and money. We cover the popular tool for your business on the internet.

13.Organic traffic from SEO

SEO is the organic way of traffic to your website. Improve your reach from SEO on Search engine like Google and Social media like facebooke, twitter, etc.

14.Earning money from website development.

There are a lot of ways to earn money from website development. We will discuss earning money from service and product; also platform to choose from.


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